Notes from 2018 Day 1: Process

with thanks to Nicholas Dunning

Resources available for learning how to do automated testing

How to deal with fast iteration, especially in relation to black-box testing

How to go from manual to automated testing, large scale

How do maintain quality no matter who is testing?

How much should we automate, and where should we draw the line?

  • More valuable tests are integration and end-to-end (Google)
  • The more manual effort, the better of an idea it is to convert it to an automated test
  • If the overhead is low, there no such thing as too much testing (Google)
  • Unit tests should be the highest amount, with the amount decreasing until you reach end-to-end (Google)
  • If you don’t know what test to write, write the tests when the system or api is going to change (Apple)
  • Run the heavy stuff over-night to reduce the feedback time of builds
  • If the code you are changing doesn’t have a test, write one first